Reader’s Comment about my White-Shop and prices…

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Here’s a reader’s comment about White-shop:

I saw on your site that somebody complained about the price of some books. Maybe you should put a post explaining how expensive it is to do a limited run on books. Also include the price for rare and out of print books due to the big houses refusing to print them anymore once they got bought out by neo-commies.One commented that it was the price of a university textbook; Yes, real information is expensive, especially in hardback. It often took somebody years to compile that informaton. They need to eat too. Communist propaganda runs somewhere between $20 and free. It’s the communist poison of slave labor that has made people forget about the value of workmanship and quality. It’s sad that behind every 5 dollar trinket, that they forget is a human being exploited in a slave labor camp. I know you have a lot on your plate right now. Don’t give up on your site. It’s a good idea.

The website is:

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