Jews at work: Italy bans NAZI & Fascist symbols


[I think in recent years Italy even enacted some kind of holocaust denial law. As did Putin in Russia. When you see these things rest assured the Jews are at work on the leaders. Even a leader like Putin is not as strong as he appears to be. Everyone is bowing to the Jewish money power.

So it is very sad to see this in Italy. I had heard that in Italy there was quite a lot of selling of Fascist and NAZI memorabilia. Someone told me how Israeli Jews once, recently even went and attacked someone who was selling some memorabilia.

What is evident is that in Italy there are still strong Fascist sympathies. For the record: Mussolini was never actually against the Jews – but these intolerant Jewish scum just can’t stop with their nonsense!!

Jews, to put it simply, are totally anti-white. Now we whites have tolerated the Jewish scum for far too long everywhere.

As you can see the leaders of Italy, like the leaders of the USA, UK and all of Europe are all a bunch of Jew-filtered weaklings. Do whites ANYWHERE actually have a real democracy with their own leaders? Someone once said to me that maybe Rhodesia (and Apartheid South Africa) were the last white countries which were actually really FREE in recent decades – because clearly nobody else is FREE!

As George Lincoln Rockwell predicted so long ago, after BLACK REVOLUTION comes WHITE REVOLUTION!! That’s the path we’re walking down. I welcome it. Jan]

Obelisk in Rome initially dedicated to Italian fascist leader Benito Mussolini.

Italian lawmakers have approved a bill which bans Nazi propaganda and symbols. Stores which sell fascist-themed calendars, posters, T-shirts and medals, as well as those who call for marches in memory of fascist dictator Benito Mussolini, may face prison sentences.
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A hidden message by Italian fascist dictator Benito Mussolini has been revealed. Mussolini’s hidden fascist message to future generations under Rome obelisk revealed

The bill bans “the propaganda of images or manifestations of the fascist party or Germany’s National Socialist German Workers’ Party [the Nazi party] or its ideologies, even only by means of the production, distribution, dissemination or sale of goods depicting people, images or symbols clearly referring to such parties or ideologies.“

The bill, introduced in July, sets the punishment as a prison term of between six months and two years.

261 lawmakers in the Italian Chamber of Deputies, the lower house of parliament, said ‘yes’ to the bill, while 122 voted against it, according to Italian newspaper L a Repubblica. It will now have to gain approval from the Senate to become law.

The legislation won’t target “art or architecture,”said one of the bill’s advocates, Emanuale Fiano, a Chamber member for the centre-left Democratic Party of Italy on Facebook.

“I am opposed to the destruction of 1920s monuments or buildings and to iconoclastic measures of any kind,” Fiano wrote, adding that the law doesn’t aim to destroy the Benito Mussolini Obelisk in Rome, which bears the dictator’s words “MVSSOLINI DVX” (Mussolini, the Leader).

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