The filthy Jewish Southern Poverty Law Center attacking Confederate symbols at US Military Colleges – My Comments

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This is an article I wrote in 2002, which was published on an American website called Etherzone. In this article I‘m diplomatic and I‘ve written it for Liberal Americans.

[American friends sent me this. The SPLC is a really filthy organisation. It plays very dirty games. Here they are attacking Confederate symbols in the US Military. These people are scum. White Americans … These scum are out to get you and to destroy every vestige of pride and achievement by Whites. White Americans have managed to reach some sort of understanding despite the terrible civil war and thus even Confederate heroes and Confederate symbols were regarded as part of America. But here the Jewish filth are, tearing that down. The war never ends. Whites need to learn to stand up for themselves and fight back. Jan]

The Southern Poverty Law Center is a far-left smear machine

The Southern Poverty Law Center has informed the Committee ordered to change the names of military assets named for Confederate heroes that they’ve overlooked an additional 64 symbols in areas that are connected to the armed forces.

Most of these 64 confederate symbols are located at four of the country’s military colleges and service academies. There are three memorials in the U.S. Naval Academy in Annapolis, Maryland; five at West Point; 20 memorials at The Citadel in South Carolina; and 28 at Virginia Military Institute.

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