EXCELLENT: Vitamin C feedback from a supporter who went to incredibly high doses!!!

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One of my supporters gave me this feedback on Vitamin C: Also: Zinc for males

After I heard your Vitamin-C audio, I started playing around. I felt IMMEDIATLY better & sleep dropped by 1-2 hrs less. First day I went to 4,000 milligrams, I took the tablets and spread it throughout the day. Now yesterday I am up to 25,000 I reduced it today back to 15,000 that is the powder & notice a huge difference. 1 tsp (ascorbic acid no added sweetner, i think the sweetners add to upset stomachs) is about 5000 mg, I add 4-5 but dont go too fast or you could upset your stomach but the more you increase the dose, your tolerance picks up but the difference in clarity of thought is like night & day

I replied to him:

Wow John! Those are extremely high doses and you’re loving it! I am so delighted to get feedback from you. I immediately got myself the vitamin C (ascorbic acid) and I’ve been dosing myself on it for about a week and a half. I noticed some other things with me. I think it may have “fixed” a small problem or two of mine. Its very cool. I will post your feedback.

BTW I also discovered that if you go on an all vegetable diet, that you will struggle with Zinc. I picked that up from a family member. Zinc only comes in red meat. And for males, Zinc is important – but just a small daily dose. You can’t go high with it like you can with Vitamin C.

But with Vitamin C I noticed 2 body effects within a day or two. And now things have settled down.

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