The European Race IS the BEST and is SUPERIOR to everyone – JUST LOOK AROUND YOU!!!


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White men in the USA used to take no shit. This is what they did to a black who raped a white woman. Whites have a tough, harsh justice system.

[This is a note I sent to an American. Jan]

The more I look at Jews the more I say, you must never listen to them. You cannot learn ANYTHING from them because not only are they arrant LIARS but even when they do try to say something honest and true, they’re actually stupid. It is INSANELY RIDICULOUS that a race, such as ours, even listens to, or takes anything Jewish seriously. It’s ridiculous, because our race, our ways of living and organising ARE THE BEST ON THE PLANET. OPEN YOUR EYES AND YOU WILL SEE THAT EVERYONE INCLUDING THE JEWS COPY OUR METHODS. Every city on earth looks European. Every government, army, science institute, university works on EUROPEAN PRINCIPLES. For Fcks sake … everyone of every other race DRESSES LIKE US, tries to behave like us … wants the cars, houses, money, goodies that come from THE WEST. WE ARE THE BEST FOR GOD’S SAKES. If the Jews or Blacks or Asians could have done better and invented flying saucers or anti-gravity then we could have stood back and admitted they could match us. BUT THEY CAN’T EVEN COME CLOSE. Our method of doing virtually *EVERYTHING is SUPERIOR to Jews and everyone else. There is no question about it. The way we do things and have done things IS THE BEST WAY.

My only criticism is that we’ve come to love money and business too much and we’re not taking the Nation State, Politics, Culture and Military seriously enough. We must change our attitude to that. That’s our weakness. But in all other respects, we are the best and nobody can deny it. Everyone is mimicking us – even the worthless sack of shit Jews.

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