Video & Audio: WTA03: The White End Game: How Portugal and S.Africa almost conquered all of Southern Africa


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Secession, secession, secession! This is the JET AIRCRAFT to Freedom for Whites in South Africa. Nothing else has the potential of this concept. Youll understand why I think this is the most awesome thing that anyone in South Africa can do. In this video youll hear a detailed discussion with my attorney who did a lot of legal work on secession along with other attorneys.

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This is the final of 3 critically important high level videos about the race war that we Whites in Africa fought.

In this video we look at the amazing plans of South Africa and Portugal to beat the Blacks in Africa. The results of their efforts still stand to this day, and nobody notices it.

NB: I accidentally uncovered a Rhodesian plan to win, but the plan was a total flop. It is however a fascinating story from 1974.

Did the Whites of southern Africa, in the White Redoubt, have a grand strategy that would allow them to win the race war against the Blacks? Nobody on our side ever published or alluded to a grand strategy. How did the leaders of South Africa, Portugal and Angola think?

This video was recorded on: 2024-04-26.

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