Our Ancient ancestors in Europe believed in Torture and Fear…

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I was reading some more of Julius Caesar’s writings. One thing which is a certainty, is that our people never took nonsense from anyone, even our own.

I was reading how the Gauls at times tortured people to death. The Romans themselves enjoyed their coloseum and their entertainment was watching criminals and murderers being killed in delightfully different ways.

I was reading of the Gauls taking a man (obviously a White man), and whipping him to death and then cutting his head off. A topic that comes up a lot is the deliberate torture, by both the Romans and the Gauls. I don’t know the forms of torture or the methods. But people are tortured to death. Now make no mistake, this is not frivolous stuff. IT IS DONE FOR A REASON. Torture was merely a form of punishment for various reasons. It wasn’t something that was done for no reason at all.

They would torture people for actual crimes and betrayal, or they would torture enemies to death. But torture by Whites happened quite a bit in warfare.

But like I say, it is not common to get an understanding of the METHODS OF TORTURE. It was only in one case, that Caesar happened to mention that the method of killing was that the man was whipped to death and then had his head cut off.

There was also a very interesting practice that the Gauls had when they called up men for military service. And this will give you an idea that TORTURE was also used as a method of instilling DISCIPLINE in men who otherwise might not listen and act promptly. I was fascinated that when the Gauls called up their men for war, that the LAST MAN TO ARRIVE, would be tortured and put to death. So I see this as merely a means of ENFORCING DISCIPLINE. That men might be tardy, and others might be trying to avoid going to war, and this was unacceptable in a serious situation, therefore, this was their way of seeing to it that when men are ordered by their state to go to war, that they had better get their act together and get going. The knowledge that the last man to arrive would be tortured and killed will, I am certain, would cause men to really move with SPEED when ordered to do so.

It is pretty harsh stuff. But our race is a people who have lived through immense hardships.

The Romans did not do this. This was something the Gauls did.

Torture definitely has it’s place. But I am curious as to the nature and methods of the torture though. That will be interesting.

The Romans were, themselves a very hard people, and like I say, for them entertainment was to go and watch their criminals and murderers being killed in a "live show" at the "circus" or watching gladiators fight, or watching a Lion munching on a person.

But Roman HARDNESS is something I really appreciate. The Romans were very civilized and a very determined people. We will revisit the Romans. Hitler and Napoleon had a good knowledge of the Romans, and Rome, remains the main political entity that most Whites, including Americans have used as the model for their nations. The Romans were quite amazing.

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