Reader Comment: Jews refuse Vaccines despite being MANDATORY – Jews lie about Deaths

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Video & Audio: What Jews tell each other in Private: Jewish Racism and Jewish Supremacism
We take a look at some pieces of video footage where Jews talk and we hear exactly what they say, and how they act when they are together. Over many centuries in Europe, Whites confronted Jews many times and asked them questions about what they really believe or think or say. Jews denied certain things. But in this video we look at some actual film footage and analyse it.

[One of my readers made these fascinating comments on the site. These are interesting insights from the race of filth. Jan]

A interesting related / unrelated fact is that Jews adamantly refuse vaccines injections for their kids. As an example, Jew York and New Jewsery are loaded with anti-vaxer Orthodox Jews. Though they tend to stay isolated in their shithole neighborhoods they still pose a risk to Gentiles when they do venture out.

Though Governors of both states have made having children vaccinated mandatory Jews are granted an exception. Are they more susceptible to Corona?? I would assume yes !

I would bet these Jew death in the UK are all fake but the sympathy card looks good in print.

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Video: A Quick Lesson: What Whites really do to Jews in Pogroms and Holocausts
Ive looked at lots of literature over the years where the Jews claim Whites are slaughtering them. They cite pogroms as a nasty feature of their past. And then some pogroms are then called holocausts. But what exactly really happens? Is there any evidence of what exactly transpires between Whites and Jews?

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