From Mrs Carto: Meltdown – Momentous Events ahead – China holds $1 trillion of US Debt

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Date: Wed, Apr 8, 2020 at 1:23 AM

To all Friends of Willis Carto Momentous Events Ahead April 7, 2020

Willis wrote and published the attached article in November 1977 in The Washington Observer newsletter. In 1978 he followed up with an assessment of the U.S. dollar and the eventual collapse of our monetary system. He named the assessment The Upright Spike. He questioned if “something big” was overhanging the market. A declaration of war moves markets down rapidly. National tragedies, as the Kennedy assassination will wreak havoc temporarily. Today, he would no doubt give us a precise assessment of things as they are now. How can we survive the present crises? Panic buying by governments to stop the virus according to German news reports, cannot hold off the demise of the financial markets. Some countries consider the present panic to be a total destruction of the financial system. Our controllers cannot stop the avalanche. Right now, certain elements are cannibalizing the markets, the last rescue for the largest investors. Europe’s borders have been closing down, but for the present this does not deter financial insiders who operate across borders.

The World Health Organization (WHO) has been proven to be controlled financially by large investors, including China. The WHO was established to alert all countries should a health crisis appear on the horizon. It used to be financed by individual countries until 1977 with the U.S. the largest contributor as always. From 1978, money raising was taken over by huge international pharmaceutical companies, and yes, their foundations. Instead of alerting us to the coronavirus, the WHO is defending Red China. They were not at fault for spreading the virus according to the WHO. Our important medical supplies come from China as we all finally know. However, untold billions of dollars that are now being spent by governments to develop antidotes and vaccines go to the pharma industries as well. Tens of thousands of Americans and many in other countries have died because no timely warning was issued by the WHO. The WHO should be investigated; the world demands it. Big Pharma controls the disease and claim that they are our saviors. We should question whom the talking heads serve when they appear on TV every day pontificating that they are working on vaccines. For whom do they work? Cui bono?

A lot of Europeans do not trust their governments, either. Many suspect that the financial as well as the health situation will lead to criminalizing gatherings in the streets with imprisonment for the courageous who demonstrate.

China holds $l.07 trillion of our national debt. Let us send them a bill for the damages caused to all of our citizens. This amount would certainly offset some of their mischief. We then can repudiate that portion of the national debt and keep their money.

Please read the attached, written by Willis so many years ago but always with a view to the future.

Thank you.
Elisabeth Carto

Wash.Obs. l977 WAC(17)(5).pdf

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