The TWO-FACED, Hypocritical Democrats – The Political scum of America

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[This is an excerpt from a website called THE INTERCEPT about what 2-faced shitbags the Democrats are. Bags of shit. Jan]

We’ve been down this road before: A Democrat wins the presidency and, suddenly, liberals check their consciences at the door of the White House.

Within a year of taking office, Barack Obama began a major surge of U.S. troops in Afghanistan, initiated a secret air war in Yemen, and radically expanded drone strikes across the world. He waged an unprecedented campaign against whistleblowers and used the Espionage Act as a cudgel to silence leaks about the U.S. government’s dirty deeds.

Instead of protesting, most Democrats fell silent. And that’s already happening again. Get ready to hear a constant refrain of “but he is better than Trump” used to insulate Joe Biden from hard-hitting journalism.

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