NAZI SS Officer: Otto Skorzeny – The Most Dangerous man in Europe: The Failed Persian Plan


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2006: Norman Reeves: I can solve S.African crime in 6-weeks!!!
This was a kickass Englishman I knew, who fought in Rhodesia and S.Africa. He ran a security company. He died under mysterious circumstances.

I’ve been doing some reading about Skorzeny lately. He’s a fascinating man and intellectual. He’s really a technical engineering guy. It turns out that he too is AUSTRIAN!!! Another Austrian German like Hitler and like Erhard Raus. His career in the German Army was slow and it took a while for him to begin moving up.

But he found his special place in the SS and also when he was invited to work on secret stuff.

Skorzeny states that America’s assistance to Russia/Soviet Union made a huge difference to the war on the Eastern Front. We know that now. This is well established. But during WW2, on the front, the normal German soldiers did not know this. But Skorzeny learned this when he was moved into a very secret unit. A unit so secret that most Germans did not know it existed.

What I found amazing and interesting was the plan to give weapons to the Persians (Iranians) and to get various Iranian/Person groups weapons and to get them to rise up. The goal was really to cut off OIL SUPPLIES TO RUSSIA I think.

Anyhow Skorzeny and his people were flying in and out of Persia (as Iran was called then). But at a point, Skorzeny was about to light the fuse, so to speak to get things to lift off. However, it turned out that the German setup in the capital city was infiltrated.

So just as the Germans were going to get these Persians to rebel and to also then damage the whole oil setup … the Germans themselves were wiped out.

So the whole plan had to be scrapped.

This is the tricky part of arming and dealing with other races. We did lots of this stuff in Africa and South Africa. It is mostly a waste of time.

But I was fascinated by the plan. Skorzeny very much admired the British because the British operate secretly and are masters of skullduggery. He was very impressed by the British.

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2008 Report: Russian Generals Analysis of a Future (Terrible) South African Civil War
This is an article an awesome American supporter, JoAn Wilcox found on a Russian website in 2008 and she translated it into English. This was a Russian General‘s assessment of SA. He was not impressed with the Blacks.

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