WW2: The Awesome General Erhard Raus: The Kick-ass Tiger Tanks that nearly saved Stalingrad


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Before I forget, I must mention the awesome General Erhard Raus. Raus is also an Austrian and he often commanded a Panzer division in Von Manstein’s army.

There is a fact I came across that really made me sit up and go WOW!!!

As you will recall it was Manstein who came up with the idea to try and save the 6th Army in Stalingrad. And Hitler approved the plan. So Manstein was in charge of the operation to fight their way through to Stalingrad. But the key guy taking the heavy load in that fighting was Erhard Raus.

The German soldiers had such a respect for Raus that there was a saying "Raus always pulls your through!" No matter how tough things were, Raus always had a plan. (Just like Manstein). Neither of them were ever short of ideas on how to survive and turn any situation around. These are God-like White male warriors – like the Romans, etc.

Anyhow, Raus was given extra Tiger tanks in his Panzer Division. Raus’s Tiger tanks, which weren’t very many, pulled off an incredible feat. They managed to blow away a staggering 400 Russian tanks during their fight to get to Stalingrad.

It truly is an amazing feat for just a bunch of Tiger tanks in a single Panzer Division.

You can say what you like but Manstein and Raus made an incredible effort to save the 6th Army.

Sadly, things beyond their control caused them to fail. But Manstein and Raus made an incredible effort. And that Erhard Raus never fails to deliver. I have tremendous respect for Manstein and Raus and when those two worked together they had no problem attempting the IMPOSSIBLE.

Those White men were Gods.

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