White American Ambassador to Zimbabwe (Former Rhodesia) FOOLED by Blacks – Angry relations with President Mugabe

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[Christopher Dell was the White American who was the ambassador to Zimbabwe at the time when Mugabe went and threw the White Farmers off the land and basically destroyed the final Whites of what was once, Rhodesia. He ended up having very angry relations with the Communist scumbag leader of Zimbabwe, Mugabe. Mugabe even told him to his face to "Go to Hell". But Dell was totally fooled by the Blacks. In 2007, he wrote a classified cable back to the USA predicting that Mugabe would be out of power SOON. Wikileaks found and published the very interesting cable in 2010. If you want to read the original, you can read it here: http://archive.africancrisis.info/?p=86392 – I was very skeptical by Dell's analysis, and events proved me right. Dell was totally wrong. Jan]

Here is a short summary from wikipedia of Dell’s time in Zimbabwe and what happened to him afterwards. He now works for General Ham of the United States Africa Command.

Here are details of his career:
Diplomatic career

During the 1980s, Dell worked in American embassies and consulates in Mexico and Portugal, and at the Foreign Office. In the 1990s, he was posted to Mozambique and Bulgaria. In 2000–2001, he served as the Chief of Mission of the U.S. Office in Pristina, Kosovo.[4]

From 2001 to 2004, Christopher Dell was U.S. Ambassador to Angola.[4]

Posting to Zimbabwe

Dell was appointed US Ambassador to Zimbabwe on July 2, 2004, and presented his credentials in Harare on September 2.[5] During his tenure, the government of President Robert Mugabe has carried out Operation Murambatsvina, which has been described by Mugabe as an "urban renewal" program and by his political opponents as a crackdown on the urban poor. Western governments, including that of the United States, have condemned it.

Relations between the United States and Zimbabwe have deteriorated as a result of both Operation Murambatsvina and the humanitarian situation in the country, which the United States has blamed on official corruption and mismanagement. In addition, the US named Zimbabwe an abuser of human rights in 2004 annual report.[6]

As a result of tense relations, Dell has borne the brunt of the Zimbabwe government’s displeasure. In mid-October 2005, he was detained for entering a restricted area of the Harare Botanical Gardens.[7] A few weeks later, at a public lecture in the city of Mutare, Dell blamed corruption for the food shortages in the country, which the Zimbabwe government blames on foreign sanctions. On November 8, 2005, Dell was summoned to meet President Mugabe and was told to "go to hell."[8][9] The following day, the ambassador was recalled to the United States for consultations.[10] He subsequently returned.

Dell publicly condemned the beating of several opposition Movement for Democratic Change leaders and protestors, which occurred on March 11, 2007, including that of party leader, Morgan Tsvangirai.

On March 19, acting on orders from President Mugabe, Foreign Minister Simbarashe Mumbengegwi summoned Dell and other western diplomats to his ministry to receive an official warning to stop interfering in the country’s internal affairs. When Mumbengegwi refused to allow the diplomats an opportunity to ask questions, Dell walked out, describing the meeting as a "sham" for the benefit of the state media, who were filming the proceedings.[11][12] Dell left Harare the same day for London. The State Department stated that he would return to Zimbabwe soon.[13]

On July 12, 2007, Dell authored a classified cable expressing his confidence that Mugabe would be out of power soon.[14] On July 14, 2007, Dell left his posting in Zimbabwe[5] without bidding Mugabe farewell. According to Zimbabwean state radio, at the time of his departure he was disappointed because Mugabe remained in office.[15] Dell was then appointed deputy chief of mission in Afghanistan.[16]

Posting in Afghanistan

From 2007 to 2009, Dell was Deputy Chief of Mission of the U.S. Embassy in Kabul.

Posting in Kosovo

On May 27, 2009, President Barack Obama nominated Dell to be Ambassador to the Republic of Kosovo. He was confirmed by the United States Senate on July 10, 2009 and sworn-in on July 31, 2009.[17] He was succeeded by Ambassador Tracey Ann Jacobson.

In April 2014, an article appeared in The Guardian on how Dell after his posting had joined Bechtel, a company he had heavily lobbied for to obtain a controversial contract to build an expensive highway, in the poorest country in Europe.[18] A 2015 article in Foreign Policy also criticized Dell’s action, stating that "One of Europe’s poorest countries wanted a road, so U.S. mega-contractor Bechtel sold it a $1.3 billion highway, with the backing of a powerful American ambassador [Dell]. Funny thing is, the highway is barely being used—and the ambassador is now working for Bechtel."[19]

Posting to Africom

On September 15, 2012, Ambassador Christopher Dell was appointed the civilian deputy to General Ham, United States Africa Command.[20]

Source: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Christopher_Dell

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