I watched Trump’s speech live yesterday: He said: Judeo-Christian Civilisation & spoke of Reagan


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I watched Trump’s speech in Florida yesterday inbetween doing other things. I listened and watched as much as I could. It wasn’t bad. He said many things. I am very very pleased to see that large numbers of Americans agree the election was stolen and that this rhetoric seems to be UNSTOPPABLE. This is WONDERFUL. WONDERFUL.

Trump is still popular.

I listened to Trump speaking about what an awesome President Reagan was. When I was much younger, in SA, I sat up late into the night to wait for the US election results to see if Reagan won. I so hoped he would win, and I was so delighted when it happened. But now that I know the history, I am not impressed with Reagan. We Whites accept such weakness in leaders. Reagan was surrounded by Jews. I was not impressed with Reagan’s moves here in southern Africa. He did a bit for White South Africa. But the USA has been totally tepid in its views of Africa especially where Whites are concerned.

I noticed that Trump referred to the "Judeo-Christian" civilisation that was the backbone of the USA. That disgusted me. Whenever you hear that "Judeo" crap then you know … JEWS are busy claiming that they somehow helped to invent Western civilisation. Meanwhile the race of scum are just talking their shit. So that did switch me off.

Maga is cool. But what is needed is National Socialism and Racialism. We need that. We need REAL FIRE IN OUR BELLIES. But Maga and the "conservatives" of the USA do have a little bit of power … but not much. One needs more FIRE in one’s belly in order to want to win BADLY.

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