Lovely Email from White woman trying to teach someone about the Jews and Hitler


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2002: Why Black People struggle
This is an article I wrote in 2002, which was published on an American website called Etherzone. In this article I‘m diplomatic and I‘ve written it for Liberal Americans.

[This is a lovely email I got from a lady who is trying to teach someone younger and who is smart about the Jews. Jan]

The lady wrote:
Thank you so much Jan I love your site and your content my husband and I listen to your videos often and you have some other Canadians on that I really like Monika and Albert Schaefer on I am friends with her on Facebook well I was they deleted me they delete all my fb accounts. I was wondering if you have a video discussion you may have done on how you learned the truth about our history the jews etc, I recalled you saying that it took time to process the info and you compared it to a religious experience. I would like to share your experience of learning the truth with someone I am trying to teach the truth he is a smart young man was talking about usury and the Rothschilds so I said that Hitler got rid of usury and arrested the Rothschilds he say "yeah but the holocaust” but got mad when I said it was all lies, he freaked out and called me a holocaust denier lol

But I know once he sees the truth he will understand the world much better. Thought maybe you had a video about this, I remember one said you kicked all the jews out of your life no jew doctors etc, I did that too righty after I listened to you I got rid of the young doc that was a jew I see a white man now and he is much better.

My reply:-

The best video about my awakening is the one called: The Xmas I kicked the Jews out. Here is the link:

I am glad to hear you are trying to teach a smart young man. That’s excellent. The ONLY way forward for Whites is to teach ONE PERSON AT A TIME. We have to win back ONE MIND AT A TIME. THERE ARE NO SHORT CUTS. But, this is the best way and the most important way. Once people realise the truth they will immediately begin being constructive for our civilisation and race. You won’t have to tell them anything more. Once people know the TRUTH they won’t be able to shut up any more.

Yes, and where possible, stop dealing with Jews. It’s not always possible, but do the best you can. That is one of Ben Klassen’s commandments!!!! I have a lot of older videos I want to bring back, because they are as relevant as ever. I’m happy to hear that you and your husband listen to my videos. I put a lot of thought into all my videos so that people get good, solid information.

The only way forward is to wake people up, and with time more and more whites will act on it. Stick around… there will be EXPLOSIONS of White anger as Whites start pushing back. Whites are NOT suicidal. That is crap. As they wake up they will all push back.

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The Incredible Hero: David Irving - Truth Telling Historian
I have tremendous respect for David Irving. This British man did the most incredible work doing research and telling the truth about Hitler, the NAZIS and Germany. He‘s very old now. Download everything you can from his website and if possible buy his books and support him. This is the most incredible man to come out of Britain in modern times.

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