Video: Joe Biden the mental retard: Joe Biden needs help from Jill Biden as he is ‘cognitively impaired’

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Video: The Two Emperors of the White Race
Napoleon & Hitler: Why did they succeed? I analyse & give the background to the ONLY 2 white men who united most of Europe & ruled most whites in the last 200 years.

[The stupid fool doesn't seem to know what he is doing. So a mentally impaired anti-White bag of shit is the president of the USA. Stolen election, etc. …. Bag of crap. Jan]

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USA‘s No 1 WHITE Racial Prisoner: Reverend Matt Hale
Please help Matt Hale. He was a Reverend in the Church of Creativity. Learn about the despicable story of what Jews did to him! He will be in jail for 40 years WITHOUT EVER HAVING COMMITTED A SINGLE CRIME!

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