Audio: #TeamWhite 2019 #4A: The Weird (real?) deaths of the paedophile Jews: Epstein & Lord Janner

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In this 4th episode of #TeamWhite for 2019, I’ve split the show into 4 parts because of experiments I was conducting.

This first episode is audio only, and in it we discuss the strange death of the Jew billionaire Epstein. I noticed that they downgraded him from being a billionaire to a millionaire, and I also heard that they don’t refer to his Jewishness, and that he is instead portrayed as white.

I also point out to Alex how extremely suspicious I was about the Jew paedophile Lord Janner who was having sex with little boys in the houses of parliament.

Just like Epstein it took them many years to get Lord Janner into court, and just like Epstein he dies suddenly, very conveniently.

I was so suspicious about it at the time that I was preparing to make a video about it, but never got round to it.

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