Update on Jan’s 5 Legal Matters including US Companies…

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I’ve been talking for a long time about legal matters. So I thought I’d give a partial update.

In total there are 5 legal matters that I want to attend to. 2 of them are private, and relate to things that happened to me.

The other 3 relate to my websites and internet activity. I have not revealed any of what I’ve done. This is a “slight” update.

The biggest problem I’m running into, is how extremely slow various processes in South Africa are. I’ve been waiting for SEVERAL WEEKS (more than 2 months actually), for certain things to be done. I’m finding that everything legal here is really slow.

The moment I have anything firm, I will publish ALL the details in full.

So I’m finding that I’m waiting for other people and I have to check in with them now and then.

Initially my strategy had been to do one thing at a time. But now I’ve changed my mind on it. Instead I’m going to do as much as I can, since I now have some experience in a few things, to dive in myself and begin churning out the other 3 legal documents that I need and to kick things off.

The 1st issue that I dealt with this year is internet related.

The 2nd issue is a private issue – something that happened to me. I’ve done my part, but I’m waiting for my “teacher” to finish his portion. It is pretty complex. So I’m trying to be patient.

The 3rd issue is internet related, a big American company that you all have heard of. I’ve drawn up the initial document and will finalise it in this week. I also want to finish off the 4th document. Its the 4th issue that will really interest all of us, and it relates to my videos…

With the 3rd & 4th documents, I want to go after 2 big American companies. The documents will raise various issues, but they will also be exploratory. This could be very interesting.

The 5th issue relates to things that happened to me, more specifically how I was driven out of my job. I was going to leave this until early next year, but I’ll begin diving into it later this month with a view to getting most of it done in November before handing it over to my “teacher”.

I’m quite lucky because some people have proven useful in helping me to find information that otherwise is really hard to get. So I’m going to make the most of it.

I therefore aim to get my side of all 5 issues sorted out by the end of November. But the 2 American companies will be receiving the documents from me shortly …

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