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This is a website run by an excellent British man that I know who is a true racialist. He puts out good, solid content.

[The above quote from Dylann Roof, is just one of many that shows that he had PRINCIPLES!

My understanding (right or wrong) is that Tim Wise is a Jewish piece of shit who did the guilt trip by “confessing” to white privilege … white like me… blah. (If I’m wrong and he’s not a Jew, then he’s a Race Traitor). In fact, my definition of a Race Traitor is a LIBERAL. Yes, they are race traitors. They destroy their own people. I’ve seen this here in South Africa.

Anyhow let’s turn to the Jewish piece of shit, Tim Wise. See this statement:

Other’s also try that same narrative.

Calling Dylann Roof “a domestic terrorist” is yet another example of how the Liberals and Jews are lying through their teeth, trying to direct your mind. Look at how the scumbag Tim Wise is trying to get you to agree that Dylann Roof is a “domestic terrorist”. But wait. Why the term TERRORIST?

What indicates that Dylann was a terrorist in any form? Terrorism is a military strategy. Terrorism is when you set out to terrorise the masses. Dylann was NOT a TERRORIST. He was an assassin yes… a killer … indeed. BUT NOT A TERRORIST!

This is how a terrorist is actually defined: a person who uses unlawful violence and intimidation, especially against civilians, in the pursuit of political aims.

The above is what black communist terrorists were using in southern Africa all the time: Violence and INTIMIDATION. You scare people … through your violence.

Dylann did not set out to scare people in order to intimidate them. Dylann was killer. He was an assassin. In fact, his first target was a BLACK STATE SENATOR. He carried out a political assassination … successfully. The other targets were “available” and he took them down in addition to having carried out his main act … which was pure Political assassination.

The definition of Assassination in Wikipedia is: “Assassination is the act of killing a prominent person for either political, religious or monetary reasons.” That is EXACTLY what Dylann did.

But one could argue that terrorism and assassination are intertwined, which I would not argue with.

But in Africa, even the top British representative Dr David Owen once said something along the lines of: I can’t call them terrorists, they are FREEDOM FIGHTERS. (I’m paraphrasing).

Nelson Mandela who was a 100% terrorist … and had bombings arranged along with other forms of violence is a true communist terrorist. Yet, look around the world and what do they define Mandela as? AS A FREEDOM FIGHTER! They do not speak of him being a communist terrorist (CT).

NB: Ask any Vietnam Vet who the enemy was and they’ll tell you: CTs – Communist Terrorists. That is how we defined our enemies in Southern Africa.

The question has arisen many times, as it should, about whether Mandela was a Freedom Fighter or Terrorist.

Liberals, lie, as usual and pretend he was not a TERRORIST.

Here is a quote from Mandela himself with his definition of a Freedom Fighter:

Dylann Roof is a patriot. Dylann Roof can easily, and very honestly, I might add, claim that he is a FREEDOM FIGHTER.

The Jewish POS Tim Wise is merely talking his shit because the Jews are trying to get any white male with a weapon declared a terrorist and to disarm white males. That’s the real game here. As usual, Jews just talk their Jewish shit. Jan.

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