American writes to me: Jews corrupted Biden and Congress – Learning from American history to resist…

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An American wrote this to me:-The Jews Jews Corrupted Biden and our US Congress with money. We can’t do anything against the Jews at the Federal Level and some state levels. That’s why Whites have to concentrate at the Local levels and County Levels in every White County in America. This is where we can defeat the Jews by educating our children to what Jews are doing to us. This is very important. And getting our people elected to school boards and local and county government and especially the police departments and sheriff departments, very important. We have to form many organizations where we can get donations like the Jews do. Did you ever look up all the Jewish organizations in North America, its incredible and that’s just in North America not the rest of the world Jews have organizations. Just look up the North America Jewish Federation. These Kew organization all work together against us to brain was are white children and our White Race. We can fight and beat them in our White counties where Whites start out in Local Government than get elected in County Government and than get elected to State and Federal Government. That’s why we have to teach our children about the treacherous Jews while there young. And teach our Adults who been brain washed by all the Jew controlled media and newspaper’s. Look at our American revolution. Our American Patriots fought more Battles against American British loyalists than the British Army. There are many Whites that are Loyalists to the Jews they work for just like back in the Revolution, but the Patriots stayed united and defeated the American British Loyalists and defeated the British Army and King George the Third. We can Defeat these Zionist Jew Kikes once and for all. We have to organise every White County across America 🇺🇸

I replied:
I like what you wrote. The ONLY REAL WAY is to organise normal Whites to resist and push back, and yes, it must start from the bottom. And it’s very doable. I’m glad you are looking at US History. That is very important. You folks have a good rich history, and I’m amazed you are not using it more.

I did not know that Loyalists were a bigger problem than the British Army! Very interesting. This is probably why Jews divide society. They divide it quickly so that we fight each other. They’re old hands at sowing division. They are natural nation wreckers.

Yes, organise and push back is CRITICAL. Even if just SOME WHITES PUSH BACK you’ll see how much it impacts what the enemy does. Jews are NOT invincible.

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