Jewish America is becoming Third World … thanks to JEWS … Power handover after the election

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I found myself smiling and shaking my head in recent times when I was reading articles where there was a discussion I have NEVER BEFORE heard, in my entire life, coming out of America. It had to do with the discussion about handing over power after the Presidential election. Normally that is "African" and Third World type of behaviour. But here we are hearing it in 2020. Its insane. But it should show you the polarisation of America and the intensity of bad feeling and levels of distrust that exist.

This is life as Jewish influence and Liberalism is being shaken by the changing scene.

This is also a warning that the USA is heading into ever more turbulent times ahead.

This may be the beginning of a lot of negative stuff that will ultimately push the USA towards Balkanisation.

Jewish influence has totally stuffed up the once united, white-controlled country we knew of as the USA.

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