Wild US Generals, the Jewish Weirdness at the end of WW2, Patton’s death & lies about Hitler the aggressor


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[This is from an email reply I wrote where people were debating Truman. Jan]

Mike wrote:

I found out that President Truman could not stand Henry Morgenthau, who initiated the Genocide of 30 million Germans 1945-1954.

Fred wrote:

If that is true Truman should have stopped Rhineland meadow! He was not his own man! He followed FDR’s instructions to the letter!

I wrote:
The end of WW2 is very bizarre. It’s been a long time since I read about it, but among the bizarre things I’ve come across is that US forces actually retreated from many places they had conquered. There were big chunks of Germany that the USA retreated from and handed over to the (Jewish) Soviets. There is another book I was reading a year ago, and never got to finish. It was about the Yalta betrayal. I found that book utterly horrifying. It made some interesting statements. It stated that originally, there was a plan by the Allies to invade Eastern Europe, however it seems the Jews were at work doing their utmost to prevent any military moves by the allies that would stop the Soviet Union in its tracks, and that is why the focus was on the Western Wall and invading from the West.

Everything I’ve written above is sheer memory, and rather vague, so I’d have to read up to fully confirm it. But I did find the strange orders of retreat of US forces at the end of the war SO THAT THE (JEWISH) controlled Soviet Union could seize territories in Germany … I found that weird.

Then there is the whole business of the death of Patton. For me, the kicker regarding the death of Patton lies in a book written about him long ago. It stated that when Patton was in Germany, he realised that a fine people had been destroyed, and in his meetings with the Soviets, he developed an intense HATRED of them. Patton was saying things like: He needs to create an incident so that his army (along with Germans) should immediately attack the Soviet Union. Patton realised immediately that the Soviet Union was the next enemy of the USA. And it is not long after this that he had that weird accident and he died.

I think that Patton, like most Western Generals was not politically savvy and he started out doing what he was told to do, until he began to realise what exactly was going down.

I have come across a number of instances where US Generals wanted to do the wild thing. Like MacArthur wanted to nuke China. Then there’s the issue of Vietnam. That’s something I’ve dug into quite a bit, and in Vietnam, I conclude, the Generals wanted to destroy communism, but they knew what weak useless political scum they were reporting to, and so the Generals did their UTMOST to hide the scale of the conflict because they knew the politicians would stop the war.

As a general rule, I have a LOT of sympathy for white soldiers and generals, and I tell you, politicians are garbage. Politicians have sold out our civilisation.

I think in the USA definitely, but also possibly other Western countries, I think there are high ranking military men who have seen times when the West should have fought, and they are frustrated by the pathetic scum known as politicians.

The more I ponder "Politics" and what exactly, is this thing "Politics", the more I think this is a crock of shit.

We need a return to the logic of our Pagan ancestors. Most of the people who get into parliaments/congress – are worthless scum I tell you. What is missing, is the military element. Hitler knew exactly what he was doing.

I would say that Hitler did everything right, up until, including the day he killed himself. He knew how life really works.

But the final days of WW2 … a lot of shenanigans went on there … and I suspect almost all of it was in some way Jewish. How the Soviet Union got to grab half of Europe! A disaster.

Also, you will NEVER hear about all the nations and territory that the Soviets Invaded BEFORE Hitler fired even one shot! You always hear, Hitler the aggressor … all nonsense. From what I’ve seen, there is not a move Hitler made, that wasn’t defensive. He was simply making logical moves to prevent Germany from being destroyed. If he did not make those moves, Germany would have gone down earlier.

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