WORDS that are abused and used to mislead White people: Fascism, Socialism, Gestapo, NAZISM, etc


I notice a lot of words are used in the wrong context. These words are weaponized against Whites. I see words like Fascism, Gestapo and all sorts of words relating to Hitler and the Germans being used totally out of context. These words are weaponized and used to link up things and give them a negative context.

NAZI is the most abused word of all. But you’ll see terms like socialism being misrepresented as well and tied to Communism.

German socialism is not the same as Jewish Bolshevik communism.

But the Italians get a bad rap too with Fascism being misrepresented a lot.

Jews are constantly slipping their junk garbage into news articles and all kinds of commentary so as to mess with people’s heads.

Jews are a nuisance in all discussions and interactions as they try to control and influence your mind.

Keep your eyes open and you’ll see it a lot, especially in the (((Mass Media))).

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