Which Jewish dirty tricks succeeded in bringing down Eric Hunt? (as well as David Irving & David Cole)


[I found a fascinating thread on Eric Hunt from the organisation he’d done great work for until early in 2017. I’m convinced that the Jews got to Eric Hunt – but I’m not alone. Lots of other whites have reached the same conclusion, especially those who knew him. So I’ll post a link to the full thread.

NB: David Irving who spent his life fighting for the cause and exposing the truth has also mysteriously “changed his mind” and begun saying that the Germans were shooting Jews. The Jew David Cole originally stole the works of a French professor who’d worked on exposing the holocaust. So the Jew David Cole was a “Good Jew” for a while. Then he disappeared and when he reappeared he began lying again, this time about Treblinka. As you’ll see below other people mention that Irving and Cole have both been got to by the Jews. I had a bit of contact with David Irving myself and when I asked him how things were going he spoke of how life is like a dark tunnel and he’s not sure when he’ll get out of it. I suspect the Jews also threatened him in some way. Perhaps the threat of jail is what got to Irving as well as Eric Hunt. In the case of the Jew David Cole, the Jews no doubt rounded him up and put him in his place so that he would lie in unison with the rest of the Jewish tribe.

But I’ll highight a few parts of it.

NOTE: We are in a WAR and until we realise that we need tactics to counter the Jewish tactics, we won’t be able to win. We must match their moves with moves of our own. I’m really sad that we lost Eric Hunt, because he did AWESOME work for such a young guy and he, alone, was responsible for waking up large numbers of whites.

I think a JAIL THREAT, a very credible one, is possibly the most likely reason why Eric has turned. In the case of David Irving it could be jail or it could also be a threat to his family, especially his children. There might also be money involved. It may be very important for the Jews that Irving and Hunt be seen to be “changing their minds” and working on “new things” which boost the Jewish holocaust lie. These are just Jewish nonsense tactics to fool people who are not familiar with the real game going on, but who are zombies looking on from afar. Those people close to these men will realise that something is wrong as you will see in the thread below. Jan]

In this article they discuss how quickly, in a period of about 2 weeks or so, Eric Hunt suddenly did a total about turn: Eric Hunt recants, 2017 – Timeline – https://forum.codoh.com/viewtopic.php?f=2&t=10963
How did they get to Eric Hunt?

Here are some bits from the thread where they are: How did they (the Jews) get to Eric Hunt:

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Now that we’re seeing discussion about Eric Hunt’s forced denial of his previous work, and BTW that work is quite impressive and must be reviewed when assessing his current ‘holocau$t Industry’ position, the question remains, ‘How did they get to him?’

In a few threads there has been some mention of this*, but I would like to see that discussion in a single thread, please.

ex. EtienneSC touches upon it a bit at:
‘Eric Hunt recants, 2017 – Timeline’

Thanks, Hannover

“it is necessary to recognize that the lack of traces involves the inability to directly establish the reality of the existence of homicidal gas chambers.” – French exterminationist historian Jacques Baynac, Le Nouveau Quotidien (Lausanne, Switzerland), Sept. 3, 1996, p. 14.

If it can’t happen as alleged, then it didn’t.

It turns out that in 2008 when Eric was in jail he also recanted and got out of jail sooner:

Wasn’t Eric Hunt travelling in Eastern Europe for the 2nd part of his documentary “Why we believed” when he finally saw the exterminationist light ? IMO, he was arrested and threatened with imprisonment in a country where Holocaust revisionism is illegal. That’s what happened to David Irving in Austria. In 2008, Hunt also recanted. At that time, he was released from jail earlier than expected after asking for forgiveness from Elie Wiesel, saying that “he had been sucked into anti-Semitic conspiracy theories on the Internet but that he does not deny the Holocaust” (http://www.haaretz.com/news/man-convict … r-1.252078). I think that the prospect of going back to prison was enough to make him say or do almost anything, more than enough for a second recantation.

Do you also recall the threat he received by ‘holocaust’ scholar Andy Mathis?

He told Eric Hunt:
Andrew E. Mathis wrote:
For fuck’s sake, Eric, did two years in prison and another four on parole not do anything for you? Speaking of which, your parole was up in, when? August 2012? Did I hear something about your being barred from your “political” activities while that parole was still on? But you were interviewed by Carolyn Yeager in 2011. Hmmmm.
I’d advise you to be very, very nice to me, Eric.


Further down someone made this point: I think that the prospect of going back to prison was enough to make him say or do almost anything, more than enough for a second recantation.

I think the above is a very valid point.

Here is more where someone says that something must have happened to force Eric to change:

None of the evidence, which Eric posted on his “questioning the holocaust” site, is new and original. All of the photographs are well known and have been shown endlessly, in particular his photos of Auschwitz. Most of them can be seen by studying the wikipedia article on Auschwitz.

Eric claims that these pictures made him change his mind, in particular a picture of a woman being held by three men. How can this prove the existence of homicidal gas chambers?

Eric has been studying this topic for over 10 years and must have known of these pictures for a long long time. Therefore, “they” didn’t get him by showing him these photographs. Something else must have happened that we may not know anything about.

The thread ended with this interesting statement:

This shocking about face by Hunt reminds me not only of Cole’s and Irving’s change to defending the exterminationist view, but also the story of Whittaker Chambers and what he said when he converted from communist spy to outspoken anti communist: Chambers glumly confessed that he was “leaving the winning side for the losing side”. In this case Hunt is clearly joining the side with all the media, all the money and all the power, etc. If Hunt was gotten to, and I believe he was, then the ‘carrot and stick’ approach was probably applied here. The establishment has unlimited funds, and can offer someone with talent and experience working with film a lot of exciting opportunities that are otherwise forever closed to him due to his revisionist activities.

The idea that he wasn’t ‘gotten to’ strains credulity. First of all, with a topic this immense as the big H, no one is going to suddenly change their mind after years of research without some huge new piece of evidence that changes everything. I mean, we’re supposed to believe after years of Hunt making excellent Holocaust revisionist videos and even providing a solid reply to the points raised by David Cole, that Hunt would make a sudden about face and become a believer in the establishment exterminationist view and provide in his long explanation no new ‘game changer’ that we can point to as to why he changed his mind?? That makes no sense. It wasn’t that long ago that Hunt made that reply to Cole’s points and now he holds to essentially the same points as to why he’s making this about face?

No, call me a conspiracy theorist but I think he saw an opportunity to ‘get on the winning team’ and took it. Being a Holocaust revisionist or denier in a world dominated by Jews is a good way to find yourself not just unemployed but unemployable, especially if you want to work with film. Now whether the stick was applied as well of course I do not know.

I always liked Eric and his work. I hope if he did take a sweet offer that it has a lot of zeros.

It’s also interesting that Whittaker Chambers of course turned out to be wrong in his assessment as to which side would win or lose.

Source: https://forum.codoh.com/viewtopic.php?t=10965

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