Video: How Trudeau pleaded Canada truckers ‘to stop’ after stir got ‘out of hand’; Similar protest in NZ

[It will be excellent if this spreads to other countries, especially communist New Zealand. Jan]

Here’s the video:

Eleven days into an unruly occupation against coronavirus restrictions that has paralyzed Canada’s capital, the protests have become a rallying cry for powerful far-right and anti-vaccine groups around the world that have made the cause their own. Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau said the trucker protest taking place in Ottawa must come to an end, citing disruptions it has caused to the economy and the local residents. The demonstration in Ottawa started in January as a loosely organized convoy of truck drivers and protesters rumbling across the country to oppose the mandatory vaccination of truckers crossing the U.S.-Canada border. It soon attracted the support of other Canadians exhausted by nearly two years of pandemic restrictions.

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