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I‘ve fixed the shop. This is my little online shop that I set up in 2019 as an experiment. I‘ve revived it and will be adding new products weekly.

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I introduce people to Rhodesia’s most popular comedian, Wrex Tarr. He specialised in humour called “Fanagalo” or “Kitchen K*ffir”. This was a mixed language, like the Jews’ Yiddish, except it was made up of words from Zulu, English, Afrikaans, etc. It was invented by whites on the South African Gold mines. This mixed language allowed whites and blacks to communicate quite easily even though we did not fully understand each other’s language.

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Video & Audio: Loving Life: Jans personal discussions with President PW Botha
In 2006 as a result of my book, Government by Deception and my website AfricanCrisis, I made contact with former President PW Botha. He was very nice to me and he began phoning me. I published articles of things he told me about. He was so impressed with my accuracy when I wrote on my website what he told me, that he later invited me to stay at his house for 5 days. In this interview, I discuss some of the things that PW Botha and I discussed, and what he told me.

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