An AI Answer: Why is the Roman Empire seen in a fairly positive light when more recent empires are viewed far more negatively?


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[This is how AI answers the question. The fact is, that the Romans were much nastier than modern Empires, but there is a hell of a lot of screeching about it actually. A lot of love of the worthless, dumb ass useless natives, especially in Africa. Jan]

Here’s how AI answers the Question:
The Roman Empire is often viewed in a positive light due to its lasting impact on Western civilization. The Romans left a considerable legacy in terms of language, law, architecture, engineering, and government, which continues to shape the modern world. Additionally, the Roman Republic and Empire were both considered to be models of good governance and political stability, which further contributes to the positive perception of the Romans.In contrast, more recent empires, such as those of the colonial era, are often viewed negatively due to their exploitative and oppressive nature. The legacy of these empires is often associated with the forced displacement of native populations, the theft of resources, and the suppression of local cultures.It’s worth noting that the historical perception of empires and their actions can change over time, depending on the perspective and values of the people studying them.


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