USA Super Election Fraud TRUMP’S ENORMOUS TRAP: Did Trump outwit the FRAUDSTERS? – Has Biden actually won?

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A very quick note, the liberals are now calling it a Biden Win. Horror of horrors, you can view it here, the shitbag, Biden has 273 votes versus Trump’s 214 electoral college votes:

What I’ve been spotting though, is that Trump might have actually laid an ENORMOUS trap. The ballot papers might have watermarks or other secret markings that allow US officials to determine which are real and which are not.

These crazy (((Liberals))), know how to play with public opinion, and for them the PERCEPTION that Biden won, but that Trump "stole" it back will give them a chance to burn America down, kill Trump supporters and do what (((Liberals))) are so good at doing.

But if Trump laid an ENORMOUS TRAP for them… then this could be VERY FUN!!!!

Trump IS CUNNING. Make no mistake. It is well within his ability to do this. So the fun could be awesome!

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