White S.Africans Boycott Coke: Coca-Cola’s training programme sparks controversy in South Africa Read

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Coca-Cola is in hot water with a lot of South African consumers boycotting the brand – The soft drink company introduced a training programme instructing employees to "be less white" – The company risks losing its market share to the competition, the largest being Pepsi

Coca-Cola introduced an overseas training programming which was leaked to the public which instructed employees to act "less white". This has sparked controversy in South Africa with Afrikaans and white South Africans boycotting the brand. This could have financial consequences for the soft drink company as some of their customers flock to the competition, the main competitor being Pepsi. Coca-Cola is facing a backlash in South Africa following its internal training programme.

UGC Political economy analyst Daniel Silke said that this incident cannot be compared to the TRESemme and Clicks scandal which hit South Africa in September 2020. The training was aimed at raising awareness within the company in terms of behaviour. According to Newsmax, the aim of the training "be less oppressive, be less arrogant, be less certain, be less defensive, be less ignorant."

"’Be less white.’ It doesn’t work for the polar bears and it doesn’t work for people either. #Coke should be ashamed of putting out this racist tripe!"

Earlier, Briefly.co.za reported that the Economic Freedom Fighters (EFF) have requested that the Speaker of the National Assembly open an inquiry into eNCA over an incident involving the broadcaster’s political correspondent Lindsay Dentlinger. Social media users have been boiling with anger after the 2021 budget speech. This is a result of a video showing an eNCA reporter asking black politicians to keep their masks on while interviewing others without their masks. The EFF has accused the broadcaster of racism following the incident, something which eNCA firmly denies. In other news, Somizi has joined other outraged South Africans and blasted news broadcaster eNCA for their alleged racism. The news channel has been accused of defending racism after one of its reporters was called out for questionable behaviour.

Source: https://briefly.co.za/95812-coca-colas-training-programme-sparks-controversy-south-africa.html

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