Whites: Stop thinking like Jews and weak Liberal scum – Start thinking like Aryans FFS

When I see all sorts of analyses about politics and also this Ukraine War, people are running around chasing their own tails. People are running around worrying about all kinds of morality on the one hand, and on the other hand, they’re all scared of all kinds of things that we need not fear.

If Hitler, or Caesar or Napoleon had to be alive they would be horrified by this and would probably laugh at us! We’re all thinking and acting like a bunch of dumb, retarded, weak Jewish scum.

I was reading something written by a former CIA agent and just shaking my head in disbelief.

Everyone FEARS THIS and FEARS THAT … Have you ever actually studied history and seen what our ancestors actually faced, not only a mere few decades ago, or a century ago or 500 years ago or 2,000 years ago?

Our forefathers and ancestors would laugh us to scorn. They would not believe how weak we’ve become.

But I also understand some of the thoughts of our people. We’ve been beaten up so much and we are so utterly HELPLESS and WEAK that we know we can’t do anything because the Jews control all the money and all the positions of power. So we all know we are inherently are HELPLESS. So we hope someone will save us … like Putin or Trump or someone else… but nobody will.

Mostly we are all caught in a bunch of laws and rules which were turned against us by Jews. So the powers which we should have, we don’t have.

It’s a mess.

But anyway, hang in there. Buy a weapon!!! Stick around … we’re going to all have to think more like ARYANS, like Romans, like Greeks, like our ancient tribal forefathers.

We’ll get our chance to break out. We’re living in a dumb Jewish world, where Blacks and Jews are super heroes and the European race apparently has no value. But without us, the Jews and Blacks would be dying from hunger, illness and syphilis. The White Race is actually the foundation that is holding up all these worthless garbage on this planet.

But this dumb Jewish house of cards is teetering here and there. We will get a chance to help tear this garbage world down. Once the European race breaks free from these worthless clowns and scum we can start hauling out the rope and start hanging all the filth who need to be hanged. That day is coming.

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