The Stock Markets seem to be chilling after the Ukraine War panic…


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It seems to me as if the Stock markets are winding down from the Ukraine war panic. Gold has collapsed down back to where it was. This is a good sign. Also the war seems to be getting ever more bogged down which is what I was hoping for and watching. I’m not watching the war related stuff daily as I was. So many of the stresses are now gone. This is good.

The worst thing that will come out of this, is a shortage of sugar, wheat and sunflower oil. I think the wheat shortage is the worst. But, there are LOTS of White farmers in Europe and America and if the worthless garbage filth governments actually allowed Whites to do their own thing, you’d see a SURPLUS of Wheat in no time at all.

My only fear is that the filthy Jewish scum may have some other demented anti-White, anti-Western Jewish idea they want to launch.

But even my fears of some of these things are subsiding.

We live in a very weak, stupid world where the European people, being the problem solvers that we are can solve and fix anything … while the Jews and their pets, the Blacks destroy everything they can.

It’s time for some NAZI and ARYAN control I tell you.

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This is an American article I published on AfricanCrisis from another website.

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