The Netherlands: Geert Wilders and the Jews who threatened to nuke European Capitals

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[This is more from the Dutch. I've also heard this crap of Jewish Israel, threatening to nuke the capitals of Europe. Firstly, the worthless sacks of Jewish crap don't have the ability to do it. But it is amazing that these Jewish filth dare to talk like this or insinuate this to Whites. Jewish Israel is alway trying to crawl into Europe in many ways. These Jewish pieces of shit have no right to be in Europe. Hitler tried to get the Jew scum to leave Europe and he did manage to scare some of the garbage out of Europe. Jan]

This is what someone in Holland wrote to me:
Yes, Wilders did have a Jewish sponsor for many years. Plus he was friends with Pamela Geller for years, the Jewish hag that threstened European capitol cities with nuclear strikes if we didn’t stop Islamic attacks against Jews from European countries

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