Supporter writes: It’s shocking what is going on and nobody cares…

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A supporter wrote this to me:

i listen to you all the time, its shocking whats goin on an no one cares, people wont wake up

I replied:
Delighted that you listen to my stuff. Keep watching. I want to put out more info that I’ve had for a long time that people have forgotten. And please share what you can whenever there’s an opportunity. But I really appreciate it when people make the time to LISTEN. Don’t worry about others… don’t worry … I focus on QUALITY … and that’s important.

I did not write any deeper stuff to him in my reply. But I see Whites as a group … and that GROUP thinks in a very similar way. Remember: "Racial Telepathy". Just keep spreading the truth. Even if people seem to not care … rest assured it moves … It does affect people. I know because people write to me.

The real key is that WHITES ARE NOT DESPERATE YET. But it’s coming … and things are changing faster and faster.

Just keep reading and listening and EVERYONE MUST KEEP ON TALKING!

You’ll see what will happen. It’s going to be WILD AND FUN!

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