EXCELLENT NEWS: The JEWISH New York Times is losing lots of money!

[This is excellent. Jews pose as Americans with the NYT. In Germany Jews pose as Germans with Der Spiegel. Get people away from these filthy disgusting Jewish news outlets. Jan]

‘The Failing New York Times’ (aka Slimes) Stock Plunges After Company Reports Continued Declines In Advertising

By Tyler Durden | 7 November 2019

ZERO HEDGE — The failing New York Times may not just be a cute nickname anymore.

Stock of the company plunged as much as 7% on Wednesday, finishing the session down about 4%, on news that its revenue from advertising continues to decline.

The company reported this week that ad revenue for its print version is down 9.7% year over year and down 17.2% for its digital version. Print advertising fell 7.9% while digital advertising fell 5.4%. Despite this, the company also reported a jump in subscribers, to 4 million digital-only and 4.9 million total subscribers. […]

Source: https://www.winterwatch.net/2019/11/the-failing-new-york-times-stock-plunges-after-company-reports-continued-declines-in-advertising/

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