Books Uncovering the Forces for War (1947)


In this concise, carefully documented volume, a distinguished examiner reveals just who started the Second World War and why. Interprets as one of the main causes of war the influence over governments of the representatives of stateless, rootless International Finance.
Chapter Subjects Include: British-American Rapprochement, British-German Cleavage, Roping In America-1917, Twenty Years Armistice, Roping In America-1941, Other Influences, President Lincoln And The International Bankers Of His Day, British Concentration Camps In The Boer War, The War In South Africa, Democracy And Social Instability, Winston Churchill On War, Walter Rathenau Predicted Germany Today, Austria Before Hitler, Danzig And The Corridor, Anti-defamation League Of B’nai B’rith, Theordore Herzl Confutes Nathan Ohrbach.

Obergruppenfuhrer SS

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