White Racial Girls: What happened to the German/British/Swiss NAZI girl: RageAfterStorm? Is she JEWISH?

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Who are we? Boers or Afrikaners? Answer from Dr Mike Du Toit
I had someone write to me about the topic of Boers versus Afrikaners. I decided to approach Dr Mike Du Toit, who was the leader of the Boeremag, and who is a professional academic who is very well versed in our history to answer this. Dr Du Toit not only knows our history in South Africa but also our history in Europe. This was his answer.

One of my supporters in the USA was showing me some videos on his bitchute channel, when I spotted a really great video by a German girl from Switzerland who called herself: RageAfterStorm – a strange name. I was extremely impressed with the video. It was equal in quality to the type of stuff that Evalion used to do. In fact, I’ll upload it.

I was very impressed with the video and I’d never heard of this girl before. I discovered that she is Swiss/German who lives in Britain. But then I found out that she disappeared in 2017. It seems she was not around for long. Saddest of all is that she began deleting her videos. So I don’t know if much of her work survives. I’ve only found 2 videos of hers, and it is as if, there isn’t much of an archive of what she did.

I found a website called blindlight, which did quite a nasty expose on her. Blindlight looks like they’re a serious white right website. Blindlight points out that RageAfterStorm never attacked the Jews openly or pointed out the Jews and that she later went on and on about the Muslims. This is of course very dodgy. If you ignore the Jew and you point at everyone except the Jew… then that raises serious questions. I agree with them on those points. Blindlight then said that most of these young white right women are actually from rich backgrounds and they move into the white right, but they never criticise the Jews.

This is where Evalion did excellent work. Evalion stood up for the Germans, and she firmly stood up for Hitler and she went after the Jews exposing them fantastically.

You do get women like the one on Red Ice, who has to be careful … and Red Ice indeed as a rule avoid the Jew topic. I used to have some of my supporters trying to get me on to Red Ice, and I even saw the emails to them and even replied to them, but Red Ice steered clear of me. Guys like Alex and myself are far too “extremist” and “racialist” to function in these other “softer” arenas. But the truth is, that for our race, we do need softer messages to bring in people. Even the people like Jared Taylor, who knows about the Jews and hides the Jews and has Jews as his supporters … does manage to bring in many people. One woman told me that she was converted by listening to Jared Taylor. So the soft message does have its place.

White women are the best by far, when it comes to spreading the soft message far and wide.

In fact, I had my first ever discussion with Monika Schaefer, as we prepared for our first #TeamWhite show with her, and she explained that she thinks that white men and white women have different roles to play in all aspects of life including the spreading of messages. This is very true, and I agreed 100% with her. There are things white women are fantastic at, in getting attention and getting a message out, especially if they are young and pretty. The young white guys are hooked on them instantly and their followings are huge.

But then you get guys like Alex and myself, and I think we fulfill a totally different function. We have to say things that nobody else would dare to say. What we say is true, but its harsh, and thus we have a role that we must fulfill.

I am sad to see many whites websites attacking the pretty white women who did try to put out racial messages. I think they’ve done a great service for us, even if, they avoid other things… even the Jews … FOR NOW. But we cannot stay away from the Jewish issue eternally, and even the white women will have to up their game and tackle the Jews. You even get the Lauren Southerns and Tara McCarthy’s who are Jewish women trying to move into the white right. Tara even interviewed me once. I was unaware at the time that she was Jewish and only found out later. The interview I did with her did spread around quite a lot. It was probably the best publicity I ever had on the white right.

Jews try to be on ALL SIDES OF THE COIN.

However, there comes a time when one must ask about these Jewish women on the white right. The Jews have screwed us up our asses so hard that when they turn around, the two-faced traitors and liars that they are, that I really don’t care if they are now on “our side”. So Lauren Southern did good stuff for South Africa, but I don’t feel any particular desire to support her in any way. I only have one short Lauren Southern video that I want to show people because she makes a point that nobody else from outside has ever made. But other than that, I never watch her videos and I never pass them on to anyone. That’s how I feel about Jews.

I don’t support ANY of the “right wing Jews”. I steer clear of the Henry Makows and the “conservative” Jew scum like David Horrowitz and many others. I don’t give a rats ass for any Jew who is “now our friend” because the fact is, they were working hard to destroy us for long and it is DESPITE THEIR EFFORTS THAT WE SURVIVED! So I feel dog shit for them.

Returning to RageAfterStorm, the one video I saw, which I want to use, is brilliant, and her wording and the things she says, are hard and harsh. She has a message like Evalion, but a harsher black/white racial one. It was truly brilliantly done. In a certain respect, she was coming close to matching Evalion.

She was a SJW (Social Justice Warrior) before turning to the white right. But then she disappeared. Tara McCarthy came to her defense.

Her real name is Alison Pead. That surname of hers is a bit strange for me, and I’m wondering if she’s Jewish. Does anyone know? The only thing I want to know is whether Alison is Jewish.

Jews are two-faced dogshit. They will work with your enemies while feigning friendship. Then if you survive or win anyway, they actually will come back to befriend you again in order to infiltrate you again. This process actually happened with the NAZIs and with the Fascists in Italy. The NAZIs told the Jews to f*ck off. The Fascists, actually let them back in! I have wondered for a long time whether the failures of Italy and Mussolini in WW2 are due to the Jews they let back in? I am a firm believer that the only sensible path with Jews is to stick by Alex Linder’s type of rule: There are only 2 teams: #TeamWhite and #TeamJew. Whites and Jews can NEVER be compatible – NEVER. To let them in, is to start the entire cycle again. Kick the friendly Jews out. Get rid of them. Do what Hitler did. That IS the most sensible way. Any kind of weakness merely brings us back to square one and the cycle starts all over again.

There are many other criticisms of Alison Pead. But I’m not interested in that. My only question is whether she was Jewish.

With regard to young white guys rushing to support attractive young white women with a racial message: I see nothing wrong with this. I regard it as good. The Jews and Liberal Elite scum hire all the most attractive white women and have them on TV everywhere spreading Liberal poison. Why should the Jews and Liberal race traitor scum have a MONOPOLY on attractive white women spreading a message? It is also healthy that the young white males LIKE attractive white women. It shows that they are healthy and fine. I also like seeing young white women actually putting on makeup, having beautiful long hair and actually LOOKING LIKE A WOMAN! I am sick to death of looking at, and listening to Jewish hags and demented white women who imitate Jewish hags. If white girls begin to try to be attractive and take pride in themselves, it is very good, and it is excellent that the boys go crazy for them. This is how it SHOULD BE.

So I am sad that we’ve lost some of the pretty white women who were breaking critical ground by spreading a racial message. Apparently Alison Pead had a following of 93,000 people in the short time that she was on youtube.

I think though, Evalion must have done us the greatest service of all. I think nobody did better work in spreading the truth about Germany, Adolf Hitler and the Jews, than her. I think she may have awakened, perhaps millions of whites, especially young, sex-starved, girl-starved white males who had forgotten what an attractive white woman actually looks like.

I know some white guys even called these girls “THOTS” – meaning: “That Ho (whore) Over There. But I don’t have that negative view of them. These young white women used their female powers and role to spread a message at a speed that no white man could even come close to. They sowed the first seeds. Monika Schaefer and I were discussing the female role in spreading the message.

So I’m sad that some went. I really liked the look and message these white girls put out. It also showed what white girls can aspire to. It is good for the young guys to see there is HOPE, to see that young white women are NOT all rotted in their heads. That they are not all filled with Liberal garbage – that they are sane and loyal and passionate even, about their race.

The Daily Stormer says white women should be beaten. The Daily Stormer apparently even applauds men who kill white women. This is a real Beta-male type of outlook. This is terrible actually. This is not the way the white race works. We have had strong males in the past, but cruelty to women has not been our method. In fact, I don’t advocate cruelty to our own people except in 2 instances: (a) Murder of Whites (b) Treason to Whites. Those are the only times when we should kill our own. In fact, where we’ve been really SLACKING has been in the killing of our traitors! That is where we are way behind on what we should be doing.

I really hope that we see more pretty young white women coming out and trying to spread the message. I think its fabulous, and I don’t mind whether those girls have an audience 10,000 times more than me. The message they are spreading is so important for our race, and I think it is greatly motivating for the young white men to see what our girls can be like and it will instill in them HOPE FOR LOVE AND MARRIAGE. That is critical for our SURVIVAL AS A RACE.

Here is the article BlindLight wrote about Alison Pead RageAfterStorm: https://www.blindlight.org/index.php/blindlight/item/1057-rage-after-storm-one-more-pretty-girl-globalist-hangout-to-push-chaos-for-the-elites

Here is what they have on wikipedia about Alison Pead:-


“”i hope rageafterstorm comes back. the openly fascist ones are a lot easier to deal with than the cryptos. useful ammo

Alison Pead (1997/1998–)[note 1], better known as RageAfterStorm, was a YouTube talker who self-identified as alt-right

Pead was Deputy Editor of pro-UKIP blog Kipper Central, where she listed herself as “Alison Pead”.[10][11] Kipper Central suspended Pead in June 2017.[12][note 2]

In July 2017, Pead left YouTube and Twitter without explanation. Before deleting her YouTube channel, she had 93 thousand subscribers[13][14] and many thousands of views.[note 3]

Race realism[edit]

Pead published a “Race Is Real” video using The Daily Stormer as a source.[15] She has said the video is serious,[16][17] but said the Daily Stormer source was “sarcastic”.[18][19]

Pead doubled down on Twitter:

Ranting Monkey: I just watched. I’m not triggered but holy shit, your argument seems to be blacks commit more crime because they stoopid.[sic] Is that right?[20]
Pead: No. My argument is that the crime rate of black individuals is higher because on AVERAGE their IQ is lower due to genetic differences.[21]

Alex: from a scientific point of view the concept of human races does not biologically exist.[22]
Pead: How do you explain the fact that on average, statistically black people are better at athletics than white people are ?[23]

Gerard: Scientific Findings and the Truth: Geneticists Have Never Been Able to Identify even a Singe[sic] “Race Gene” (link to A Formula for Eradicating Racism)[24]
Pead: Also how is it through testing you can find the EXACT race of a person? Obviously it IS a case of genetics.[25]

And on a livestream with James Allsup, Pead asserted that she actually enjoyed The Daily Stormer:[26]

You have The Daily Stormer. I love that site. [….] Last year, The Daily Stormer book club was a very, very small amount of meetings. Now you look at it. There’s a huge amount of meetings going on. That’s a good sign. People like us are in the increase.

Anti-black bigotry[edit]

Quoted tweet by Cryburger: Kangz twitter is hilarious[27]
Pead: Translation: whites modernised south africa and us Kangz are back to fuck shit up[28]

Anti-Jewish bigotry[edit]

—Pead, complaining about CEO of YouTube Susan WojcickiWikipedia's W.svg[29]

Pead is a fan of anti-Jewish bigotry. Pead has considered talking about the Jewish Question:

Quoted tweet by rodolphos ??: Video taken down lol… By Jews.
Pead: Time to make a JQ video 😉[30]

Fitting with the conspiracist mindset surrounding the “Jewish Question”, Pead has alleged that YouTube was run by Jews:

Oscar: YouTube is runned by cucks. [Oscar’s profile picture is a swastika.]

Pead: *jews

Oscar: They might as well change the name to Jewtube.[31]

Pead has also used and retweeted anti-Semitic imagery such as the Happy Merchant meme,[32] (((echoes))), and big nose jokes.[33]

Pead published a video entitled “Bill Nye the Jewish Guy” in which she whined that Bill Nye had been “infected” by “the SJW virus”.[34] Although Nye is not Jewish, the video title was allegedly “pure banter for his jewish nose”.[35] After backlash, Pead said her critics were “triggered” over “jokes”.[36]

Pead drew some unclear connection between Linkin ParkWikipedia's W.svg being Jewish (only two are) and Chester Bennington‘sWikipedia's W.svg death (he was not Jewish[37]):

when all of Linkin Park’s albums were basically about Jewish religion and they were all basically Jewish and suddenly *bam death* [picture of Kermit the Frog drinking a glass of iced tea][38]

Conspiracy theories[edit]

Pead believes in the white genocide conspiracy theory:

If you look at Germany, it seems as if Merkel is aiming for the mass genocide of the white and Germans[39]

i am german and i am so ashamed of what Merkel has done to her own folk. This is the start of white genocide.[40]

The idea of white genocide has become so normalised that people don’t even classify the idea of closed boarders[sic] as sane anymore[41]

TheBad_Season3: 22 White People died in Manchester. This is a blessing from God ?? I wish God could deliver more blessings like these[42]
Paul Joseph Watson: Let me guess, you’re a fan of #BlackLivesMatter? https://twitter.com/TheBad_Season3/status/866942713656221696[43]
Pead: They also seem to be a fan of white genocide.[44]


On Twitter, Pead described herself as “[f]ighting against political correctness and the authoritarian left in baby steps”.[45] Indeed, on Kipper Central, she was described as a “conservative right wing authoritarian”.[11]

Donald Trump[edit]

As an illustration of Donald Trump energising the radical right, Pead says she started making videos due to the 2016 U.S. presidential election and Trump’s presidency.

Tree of Logic: Now, what made you start a YouTube channel?
Pead: Um, I think most of it was basically the presidency. Donald Trump’s presidency.
Tree of Logic: Really?
Pead: Yep, because I noticed so many people showing opinions about it and I sat there and I thought “I wanna do this. I wanna talk about this.”[46]

Tara McCarthy: So what motivated you to start making videos?
Pead: The election. Definitely the election.[47]

Hitler and Nazism[edit]

Pead is a fan of Hitler:

I’ve developed to become so “far right” that even my mum is shocked at what i say now[.][48] “Wow! I never thought I’d hear you say that Hitler was Germany’s greatest leader.” For the record- he did good shit before he went completely crazy.[49]

When I was taught about history, I was taught at school that Hitler was the worst person ever and he automatically had these “let’s kill all the Jews” thoughts. But never was anyone told that Hitler helped a lot with the economy. Hitler did lot of good things for Germany before he went absolutely bonkers as per se. Um, which is one thing that really does irritate me, you know, the amount of people that throw around the word Nazi. The amount of people that, you know, just talk about it as if it’s the worst thing on Earth. I wouldn’t classify myself as a Nazi or anything like that but, um, there are some aspects of it where that can be taken into account and you could say “OK, you know what, that does work well.” Same with Nationalist Socialism. It does work well in some societies if it is implemented in the correct way. So when all these people are saying “Hitler! Trump is literally Hitler. He’s literally a Nazi.” I don’t think these people quite understand that essentially, at first, Nazism did have some good aspects for Germany. Not all of them, I would never say it was the best thing that ever happened to Germany but he did do a lot of good things, Hitler himself.[50]

Yes I am a nazi apologist ????[51]

When my nazi skin is so thick and threats don’t even work anymore[52]

Nevertheless, she considers it stupid for others to think she is a neo-Nazi.

Everyone back home thinks I am a neo-nazi. Good. I love seeing people think stupid things.[53]


Pead doesn’t like democracy:

IKTr: And like I said. If we have to praise any dictator that did good things. We wouldn’t have democracy and freedom
Pead: Democracy is terrible though[54]

Viral_Garbage: Is there a possibility that some can be over educated, but bubbled into thinking that politics they are taught is the only possible way.
Pead: That’s a really interesting question! A lot of ‘liberals’ as per say[sic] have a high IQ too, which gives more of a case against democracy.[55]

Gender politics[edit]

Pead also promotes traditional gender roles in “The Issue With Misunderstanding Gender Roles”[56] which was mocked by /r/BadSocialScience.[57]

Ironic fascism[edit]

Pead often “ironically” advanced her political ideas:

Pead: I am going to start deleteing[sic] my old videos to cater for my new style. New video won’t be out until next month or so.[58]

Josep: >new style


Yorky: Fascism is cancer.

Pead: Noo honey it’s good

Yorky: Umm are you one of those nonbelievers of the Holocaust?

Pead: Totes babe[2]

Pead: Do you want to preserve the black race?

Ashleigh: She asks me this question; I wonder what her response will be after I just told her my nieces and nephew are all biracial…??[60]

Pead: Ew[61]


Ashleigh: I know; you don’t have to tell me. People like you make me worry about my nieces and nephew having to grow up in this world.[62]

Pead: Good[63]

Ashleigh: In response to me telling her that her ideology makes me afraid for children in my family… people think this shit is a joke, and it’s not.[64]

Pead: Yes time to gas some people[65]

Source: https://rationalwiki.org/wiki/RageAfterStorm


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