What the Ukrainian Cocaine-sniffing Jew rat said to Israeli Jew scum…

[From one Jew rat to the other rats. This is from an email that was doing the rounds among Americans. Jan]

This is what someone wrote:
Zelenskyy Himself one of the tribal members, in the ‘ Bug Club"…made a video presentation in IZ-Real…….to the Jewish People ….. telling them of the Greater IZ-Real in the Ukraine……..that is their Plan…….(((Bloomberg))) even calculated how much money per family is needed to repatriate IZ-Reali’s to the Ukraine……..I don’t remember the figure…….of course this never appears on the channels of the Ministries of Propaganda… the tragedy in all this is that the entire world Community now is made to suffer for their Plan and Goal to expand the territory of " Greater IZ-Real." So much power and authority all based on Money, and the power to create it out of nothing but Cleverness and Cunning….. without Conscience or any Compassionate view of Justice…….


IZ-Real = Communist Israel

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