Some Improvements to HistoryReviewed and AfricanCrisis – Comments

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2005: S.Africa: Black Children as young as 5 have sex at school
This was a news story from the mass media about young Black children having sex at school.

I have been toying with some ideas I want very badly for HistoryReviewed and AfricanCrisis.

I was not quite sure, technically, exactly how I was going to do it. I then hit on some ideas yesterday. I did some simple tests and I was very pleased with the results.

I get comments pouring in from my videos everywhere, and I’m reading them all. I even dive in now and then to reply. But I read everything. And it makes for some good reading. It is something I want people to see. I think people will enjoy it. There are some great debates going on and its all being missed.

I also see comments that people post on History Reviewed and African Crisis and there’s no easy way for folks to follow these. But I’ve saved all these things away. I want people to see them.

My email is filled with emails pouring in, and I am liking it. I am seeing the best comments that I’ve ever had in 20 years of running websites.

My plan is to have a page where people can see the latest stuff.

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Video & Audio: Israeli Snipers were killing American Soldiers in Iraq
This is an extremely nasty story which I suspect has been totally covered up by the Mass Media. It appears this was well known to American soldiers and officers who fought in Iraq after 911. This story is probably classified.It is about (IDF) Israeli Defence Force snipers engaging in false-flag operations and killing American troops.

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