The Jews and Donald Trump

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[One supporter of mine in America wrote the following. I won't comment on any of it, but there are a number of useful observations herein. Jan]

This is what the supporter wrote:

In America, the Jews ban the President from social media and there are so many YouTubes of Donald Trump, a g Barr and others where there is no sound, they have put different people from the Trump team in jail on trumped up charges, hard for me to keep track of it all, general flyn, Roger Stone, plus Donald Trump has hired a million backstabbed. Even though Donald Trump says good things which most Americans want, I hope he was not just put in to placate normal Americans. Donald Trump has done so much for Israel. Jew Sheldon Adelstein is his largest contributor. I knew of a family named Trumpeder who were Jews. DT’s first wife Ivana was a Jew who used to accompany Ghislain Maxwell on their hunting expeditions to trailer parks to find little girls to stock Jeffrey Epstein’s pedophile islands and ranches. All DT kids are married to Jews, are Jews because mom Ivana was a Jew, Jared kushner is a Mosad agent, the Kushners are that militant Chabad Lubavitcher, and Bibi Natanyah used to sleep in his bed when he would visit the US. DT let Jared Kushner be a senior adviser. DT owes a ton of money to the Jews. In spite of all this, DT is the better choice because the Democratics are so criminally insane. It seems to be an inter Jewish mob war which the world is caught in the crosshairs of.

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