Video: The Other Goebbels – The Story of Dr. Goebbels’ Brother


Here is the Brit, Dr Felton discussing Goebbels’ brother. Sadly there is a lot of character assassination in this video. I do like Felton’s work, but I don’t like the needless attacks. I don’t like the constant stabs at the characters and persons of the Germans. Like the negative stuff about Dr Goebbels’ size and his club foot. He did the best he could as a human being, and it was damned good. He was an intellectual giant, a loyal follower, and a man of much greater honour than any of the Brits under Churchill. Goebbels’ words will outlive that of Churchill or any of the Brits. The NAZIS were human, but they did amazing things, regardless of how unimpressive some may have appeared to have been. Goebbels is the best example of: It’s not the size of the dog in the fight, but the size of the fight in the Dog! He did amazing things! Long Live Dr Goebbels!

This is a sad story about the Goebbels’ brothers. But I frankly see nothing wrong with anything they did. This is the story of Hans Goebbels:

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