Why are there so many Jews in the Alt-Right & ‘White’ Nationalist Movements?


[A Christian friend in the USA sent me this. This is an instance where some Christians are openly catching Jews… which is nice.

I'm not sure what to make of Andrew Anglin. But a number of people have mentioned that Weev is definitely acting like a Jew. Molyneaux is a Jewish liar of note.
I'm not sure about everyone, so I will leave this to folks to decide for themselves.
NB: In the days when I had Jewish friends, I noted that they ran for anything that seemed to be rising. They are MAD FOR POWER. But once inside, they will then twist it in the Jewish way. Jews are basically trying to STEAL the white right from whites, and then they'll take it over and run it in the direction which works for them and which will FAIL FOR US.
In my own research, I found instances where the Jews tried to work with the NAZIS. The Jews tried to bribe Hitler and the Jews even wanted to “work with the NAZIS” (i.e. infiltrate). The NAZIS, very politely told them to take a hike. That's when the Jews went crazy because they realised you can't subvert the German NAZIS – that Hitler, Goebbels, etc are just too straight and true to their people.
In the modern day, we will yet have to learn the painful lesson. We will, in time have to drive out and destroy the Jews in the movement. Make no mistake. If we do not do that: WE WILL LOSE! Jan]

Here’s the excellent Christian article (but I can’t vouch for all the people mentioned):-


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