Video: Former French President agrees with Merkel: Minsk Agreement was a con job… also: S300 in Belarus

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[I think that the S300 missile in Belarus was nothing more than an accident, the same as what happened with the Ukrainian missile in Poland. The information regarding the Minsk agreement is very interesting. I do find it interesting that Merkel has suddenly come out with this. Merkel was a communist. Remember she is a Jewish Polish Communist. So she would have allegiances to Russia. It might be that the Russians quietly prodded her to say something and so she has come out in public. Now a former French President has also done the same. This is all part of the war of words. Who is right and who is wrong. This is a big boost for the Russians and makes the West look stupid. The bottom line is that this Ukraine war is NOT GOING AWAY. This thing is going to be fought over for at least another 2 years. For Putin this is critical. I will discuss the military aspects separately. Jan]

Here’s the video:

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