WW2: 1941: The Magnificent Wehrmacht in the Russia …


I’ve been doing a bit of reading in bits and pieces, from the memoirs of General Heinz Guderian who was the inventor of German tank warfare. I was interested at first in the battles around Kiev, but continued on reading about the battles as the Germans were trying to get to Moscow in that winter. This is the winter that everyone says was a disaster for the Germans.

I did note that Guderian wrote in his diaries that he was concerned that if the Germans did not make Moscow in that first campaigning season that they might never again get such a chance. And this proved to be true.

But I do know that Von Manstein, whom Guderian had high respect for and whom he regarded as the finest of the German Generals, did not believe that the Germans were due to lose, even as late as 1943.

Anyhow, it was interesting reading of the amazing struggles of those incredible German men. I’m taking a bit of a closer look at what Guderian has to say.

The German army was truly magnificent. It was the finest army that has walked the face of the Earth since the time of Napoleon.

What amazing men they were. Truly, the finest of our race. It’s so sad that so many of our forefathers, under Jewish influence were stupid enough to fight the Germans. What foolishness.

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