VERY IMPORTANT: Did the EU corner the Jewish banking City of London? – Is this the reason for BREXIT?


[I found this incredible piece on a website that seems to be genuine. They don't supply a lot of info, but if this is true then it's INCREDIBLE. Notice how it claims that business fell MASSIVELY as a result of EU actions. Also, I ask myself whether this could be the REAL REASON FOR BREXIT? I think this might be a valuable avenue for research. Jan]

The City of London – an independent microstate inside the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland – has been kept out of the Treaty on the Kingdom’s withdrawal from the European Union, thereby losing the right to transact in euros.

In one month, transactions in the City fell by more than half, profiting the Amsterdam, Paris and New York stock exchanges.

Negotiations between London and Brussels are ongoing, but it is already clear that the European Union has found a particularly effective way of putting pressure on its partner.


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