Is there something weird and Jewish and conspiratorial about THE CITY OF LONDON?


The City of London, may be something creepy and I asked one of my friends in the USA what he thought about it because I suspect there’s Jewish and other weird links there. This is what he wrote AND I AGREE with almost everything below:

I haven’t been able to verify anything about the City of London or Washington DC.

I did read that whatever the status of the City of London, the Queen or monarchy still retains absolute power over England, and the City of London.

So, it seems to be a convention approved by the monarchy.

I recall a picture of Rothswine fingering Prince Charles in the chest as if he was in charge. However, I think it was for show.

A knight is a servant. The Queen knights the Rothschilds, which means they serve her and her empire.

I don’t know anything that is public and official contrary to that.

Santos Bonacci had some presentations on how the Catholic Church owns the world, but I don’t really see that. Catholicism was crushed by Henry VIII and the British empire has swallowed the world ever since, while the CC has retreated.

There is something that made me rethink the City of London and I responded to my friend with this:

I noticed Dr Werner specifically saying in that interview that the City of London is NOT a part of the UK nor the EU and the old banker there said that this is true, that the City of London is "international".

I nearly fell on my back. Did you see that part?

I can send you the link. That blew me away because they all seemed to agree on the facts including that British Banker.

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