Video: WW2: Italian Chief of Fascist Police Pietro Caruso’s Execution – My Comments

[It is sad to see a White man, like this Italian, who stood up for his own people and who is even physically injured and can't stand – how he is condemned to death. They tie him to a chair and have a firing squad kill him. This is what our race came to, thanks to those anti-White, anti-European, race traitors America and Britain doing the bidding of the Jews and killing our own … killing our own … IN COUNTRIES THEY HAVE LIVED IN FOR THOUSANDS OF YEARS!!! Youtube will force you to sign in to prove your age before allowing you to watch this. But watch this, as one of vast numbers of hideous things that happened at the end of that disastrous brother war known as WW2 … where the good guys, who were standing in their own nations … we KILLED! The Germans and Italians DID NOT WANT JEWISH LIBERALISM NOR DIVERSITY. Jan]

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