From Trump: Murderers, drug dealers, and criminals all coming into America – My Comments

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[Trump is active, blasting out multiple emails in a day these days, but also asking for lots of money totalling in the millions of dollars. He needs to be tougher though. But I am happy to see activity, though I'd like to see him RIP BIDEN OUT OF POWER. The truth is on his side and I am concerned that he's not tough enough. But anyway, he has a huge following and he's hammering the brain-damaged, demented, anti-white traitor, paedophile Biden – Communist bag of shit. Piece of crap. Jan]


Joe Biden is FAILING.

The largest number of illegal aliens in the history of our Country are pouring in by the millions.

They are totally unchecked and unvetted. They can do whatever they want, and go wherever they want. Our Country is rapidly becoming unrecognizable. Murderers, drug dealers, and criminals of all shapes and sizes are a big part of this massive migration.

Tens of thousands of people are coming from all over the world – Haiti, many now from countries in Africa and Asia, and even more so now than South America.

I did more than any other President in history to secure our Southern Border, but now Biden has made it WIDE OPEN and vulnerable to the world. I need America’s STRONGEST defenders to stand with me against the Left’s AMERICA LAST agenda.

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