USA: Jews at Work: Now Jews, posing as Buddhists are attacking Whiteness…


[Someone made this fascinating discovery. The Jews are at work, and are now hiding behind Buddhism in order to attack "Whiteness". These Jews in the USA are very dangerous. Very. It is shocking the extent to which they are able to fool and attack Whites. I was watching a short video where a White woman was talking and she seethed a hatred for her own race. I want to use it. And I ask myself: How do Whites in America get their heads so twisted that they end up with a seething, raging HATRED for their own race? This process needs to be studied more closely. I would love to listen to and hear what kind of claptrap is put into their heads that turns them against their own kind. There has to be some Jewish sophistry at work. Jan]

Buddhists are JQ?

Interesting. It’s Sharon Salzberg and Joseph Goldstein, the biggest "Buddhists" in America

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