Science: Were the earliest Europeans (our ancestors) 10% CLEVERER than we are today?

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A man here in South Africa, one of the few who is awake, pointed me to an interesting old book written about civilisations and why they collapse. The book made many references to really ancient cultures going back to the stone age.

I was quite horrified by the claim in this book that ancient people were cleverer than modern Whites. Now the ancient people I’m referring to are our DIRECT ANCESTORS. In particular, the claim was made of a group known as cro-magnon, who are known in archeology as EEMH – Early European Modern Humans. I did quite a bit of digging because I found this hard to believe, but it is true.

As a general rule, there is scientific proof, using correlation mathematics, that brain size does affect IQ – as far as humans go. Let’s not get into the question of why elephants aren’t geniuses. And cro-magnons had a brain capacity bigger than any humans who have ever lived, including us. We, modern Europeans have the 2nd biggest brain cavity in all of archeology. But our direct ancestors, the very first Whites who moved into Europe, 45,000 years ago, had bigger brains. They also lived hard lives I might add, as proven by various skeletal finds. It’s a topic we’ll return to.

But it seems like a definite fact that our ancestors were about 10% cleverer than we are today!

So what that book was claiming, is very fascinating, and it’s definitely true. I am quite amazed by this.

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