Canadians are FURIOUS: Get rid of Trudeau!

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[I got this note from a Canadian I know. This shows how extremely angry these people are directly at Trudeau himself. From other sources, I can see that many Canadians have an outright contempt for this very arrogant, very stupid man, who probably gets his advice from the Jew billionaire Bronfman. It seems to me that Canadians have a raw contempt for Trudeau in the same way that many Americans have for Biden. You have two leftists who are traitors to their own race and country and who clearly have an anti-White agenda. But perhaps Trudeau has been the most determined in this respect. He has exhibited an arrogance among other things that people detest. Jan]

Here is what the Canadian sent me:-
Calls to the Office of the Governor General usually number from 15 to 50. Has now gone to 1500 and even as high as 4600 in a day. This piece of shit caused all this trouble along with his henchmen in the background and now he hides. How insane.

My Thoughts:
I am not sure if those calls are all calling for the removal of Trudeau. But what is clearly evident is that there is a level of unhappiness that has shot through the roof. The Canadians are no longer just quiet sheeple. There is genuine anger.

An arrogant Trudeau, who has shown his own contempt for the common White person has himself fanned the flames with his own statements like downplaying the Truckers as a tiny minority. I think those statements really pissed Canadians off. He has in the past indicated that the "old Whites" are dying out. It is my opinion that Trudeau is a total MORON, and he listens to Jews who have made him believe that by flooding Canada with non-Whites that somehow Canada will be awesome. This is of course just total bunk. It is Jewish crap, and it exists among the American elite as well who think the same junk.

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